Abou the company

Alpha Epsilon Engineering & Trading LTD.
based on B&P Electronic equipment LTD. exists since 1978
The company is dealing in import and markting, counselling and
servicing of measuring equipment in the field of development and service
to repair shops ofaudio, video, television, telephones, cellphones, facsimillias,
RF, computers, cable television CATV, MATV, antennas and satellites and all
kinds of electricity.
We are also repairing all kinds of measurement equipment including B&K,
We are repairing oscilloscopes, counters, power supplies, function generators,
field strength meters with spectrun, CRT tube testers, semi conductor testers,
BAR generators etc.
We are representatives of companies in the USA, Europe and the far east. below please find a shortened list of instruments we are keeping mostly on stock here or which can be orderd by direct import.